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joenu mueller fotografie

Photography has been my great passion for many years. I am particularly fascinated by the possibility of capturing a special moment for eternity with a photograph.

Thanks to the work of my father as a painter (willi-mueller.ch) I was confronted with art and painting in particular early in my childhood. After having made countless drawings of all kinds in my childhood, I was fascinated by lettering in my youth. For several years I drew and sprayed graffiti lettering and created digital 3D lettering with the help of graphic programs on the computer.

Already then I was interested in photography and saved for my first beginner SLR camera. My technical photography know-how was still relatively rudimentary and I took photos almost exclusively in automatic mode.

In addition to graffiti, drawing and photography, I was increasingly interested in web design. So I spent countless hours studying textbooks and tutorials on the internet and programmed my first amateurish versions of websites. I decided to expand my knowledge and to complete a professional training as a webmaster. I successfully completed the one-and-a-half year training, but the content of the course was too theoretical and not practice-oriented enough. So I intensified my self-study again and was able to acquire well-founded knowledge in programming and design with HTML and CSS, PHP, Javascript and jQuery as well as website administration with the CMS Contao. Thanks to my current web design know-how, I have also been able to implement various smaller website projects, including this website.

In this relatively intensive time my camera was still used sporadically. All the more I was happy when I had again regular time to take pictures. Among other things, I invested the newly found time in a photography education, with which I went to school once a week in the evening. The good one-year training had the consequence that I had to deal with photography on a daily basis and I also had to deal with photographic topics, which I had previously left outside. My enthusiasm and the intensive examination of photography remain even after the completion of my training. I learnt new photography techniques, intensively occupied myself with image compositions and critically dealt with my previous works.

At the moment I am particularly interested in landscape and nature photography. For me, photographing is the perfect balance to my job and spending time outdoors in nature and the mountains, a second great passion.