joenu mueller

“The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.”
Annie Leibovitz



Already as a kid I was fascinated by art, architecture and photography. I guess the fact that my father is an art painter and my mother is a really creative person in many ways, were the main reasons for my early interests.
First i especially liked drawing landscapes and animals. Drawing Dogs and Cats using photographs as a sample was my specialty.
As a young teenager I also started drawing graffiti and 3D-Writing. Although I started to photograph and got my first DSLR Camera about the same time, ,my main focus remained on graffiti and street art at this time.
A few years later, after professional webdesign classes and a few realized website projects, as example my fathers art website, I found the time again to focus on my almost forgotten love, photography.
I took professional classes to learn all the different technics. I shoot whenever I found the time and really appreciated every single minute of it.
Till now my passion for photography has even grown. For me it's not only the photography itself, it is the chance to spend time in nature and the perfect balance to my regular job. I guess there is no need to say, landscape and nature photography are my favorites.